One Thing Leads to Another…

The lightning flash preceded the crash by less than a second.  The crash sounded like cannon fire. The next morning we discovered the result… a fried phone system.

You know it’s going to be an interesting day when the phone system guy says to his partner, “Hey, come here and take a look at this!  Did you bring your camera?”

We got the phone system replaced, only to discover the main line could make calls, but not receive them (not necessarily a bad thing…).  The phone company guy came to repair the main line, but he did something that messed up the DSL line (definitely NOT a good thing).  And now the security system isn’t working quite right, either.  One thing leads to another.  Actions have consequences.

The apostle Paul, in his letter to the Romans, understood this principle.  He explained it to them this way:  “But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and [that leads to] eternal life.” (Romans 6:22 – amplification mine)

Once a month, I provide technical support for a ministry at our church called “Celebrate Recovery”.  It’s a twelve-step program for people with ‘hurts, habits, and hang-ups’.  I hear the stories of people, young and old, rich and poor, just like me, who, for a variety of reasons, started making choices that led them down the wrong path.  These choices eventually ruined their lives, destroyed their homes and bankrupted their character.  They didn’t intend to start out that way, but one thing led to another.  Their actions had consequences.

But then they talk about the day, as Paul describes, that they were ‘set free from sin and became slaves to God.’  It was a day of total surrender, of complete abandonment, wrought by their utter desperation to escape from the living hell their actions had created.  Something, anything, had to be better than this mess they’d made.  They take their hands off and say, ‘Here God… here I am.  I give up.  I can’t do it anymore.’

And that day, that choice, that desperate plea, leads to a response from God.  It opens the flood of His love and His power into a life.  They testify to a sense of peace, a sense of cleansing,… ‘like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.’   The sin which once separated them from God is forgiven.  New choices are made, based on the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the counsel of the Word, and the support of fellow-slaves.

Soon, those who are truly sincere and committed to the path of surrender find the benefit Paul describes… holiness– a life of consecration to God’s will, a spirit set free from the bondage of sin, an intention of life-long obedience to the Master’s voice.

I’ve seen it happen.  I’ve witnessed the change.  I’ve experienced it myself.

One thing leads to another…

Copyright 2010 Mary E. Egidio — permission is granted to share this with attribution, but not for commercial purposes (you can share it, but please tell who wrote it and where you found it, but don’t sell it!)


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