I Know, It Sounds a Little Different…

My daughter and son-in-law bravely left their new baby with us last night so they could go out on a date, at my insistence.   They were looking for good Italian food, and tried out a local restaurant that is owned by actual first-generation Italian immigrants.  What’s not to love?

During dinner, the owner/manager/chef came to their table, insisting they try his latest concoction:  “Here, try this, ” he said, excitedly, handing them a bowl. “It’s marinated carrots.  I know, it sounds a little different, but it’s really good.  Try it!”   They each took a taste and it was love at first bite.  Their oohs and aahs satisfied the creator, and on he went to share with the next table…”I know.  It sounds a little different, but it’s really good…”    When Lizz asked for a container to take the rest of it home, he filled it up again with the marinated carrots.

Of course, they had to bring the leftovers to our house, and brought the same enthusiasm along with them: “You’ve got to try these marinated carrots…I know. It sounds a little different, but it’s really good.”  And they were!  The sweetness of the olive oil and tang of the vinegar, combined with the Italian spices, gave the otherwise ordinary carrots a unique flavor.  We’re all foodies at our house, so I found myself opening the ‘frig the next morning to point them out to my son…”I know.  It sounds a little different…”   Well… for some reason, at 7:30 in the morning, marinated carrots didn’t quite have the same appeal.

But isn’t that how it is?  If we try something we really enjoy, we don’t usually hesitate to tell others about it, to share it with them, especially if it’s something new and unique.  Restaurants and businesses count on ‘word of mouth’ advertising to boost their sales and gain new customers.

The Bible tells us in the early days of the Christian church, “the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” (Acts 2:47b)   I have a sneaking suspicion that a big percentage of those people were drawn to the fellowship of believers because of ‘word of mouth’ advertising.  Their neighbors, their relatives, were saying to them, “You’ve got to come, you’ve got to try this. I know.  It sounds a little different.  But lives have been changed. God is moving among us. Miracles are happening.”  That’s what happens when we really get excited about something.  We want to share it with others.

God is still seeking out people to add to the fellowship of believers.  He’s looking for ‘word of mouth’ advertising.  He’s still performing miracles among His people.  He’s healing bodies, breaking the bonds of addiction, saving marriages, and changing lives.  We’ve got a lot to be excited about.  Let’s not hesitate to find someone who needs Him and say, “You’ve got to try this!  I know.  It sounds a little different…”

Copyright 2010 Mary E. Egidio – permission is granted to share this post, but with attribution, and not for commercial purposes.  (yes, you can share it, but please tell who wrote it, where you found it, and don’t sell it!)


One response to this post.

  1. An old truth told with expression.
    I’d say all believers in the early days were won to the Lord by word of mouth, but this was also backed up by manner of living and a changed lifestyle. We certainly need to get excited about sharing the Gospel and being salt and light in a world of darkness.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm in this blog.


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