Plop Happens

The other day at work we were all buzzing around, getting ready for our big annual meetings, working on deadlines, preparing important documents, when a thunderstorm hit.  Not an unusual event in Central Florida, but since last week’s storm spawned tornadoes, it did make me a little more restless than usual.  I was standing at the front door, watching the rain, when I glanced to the side and realized a bird had dive-bombed the glass. “Oh great!” I yelled.  A huge black and white glob of bird plop started at the top and streaked down the entire door (I’m sorry, you weren’t eating were you?).

Now I realize that on a grand scale of things, a little bird plop is nothing compared to a tsunami wiping out your village, or terrorists blowing up your building, or even being audited by the IRS.  But still, there it was in all its ploppiness.

As much as I wanted to, it wasn’t something I could just ignore. Well, I could, but my boss wouldn’t have been too happy when he got back from lunch and found it there.  And he would notice it.  Besides, being the office manager, it falls on me to, uh, manage the situation. So I grabbed a spray bottle and the window squeegie and headed outside and cleaned up the plop.  Actually, it kinda felt good.

Life on this earth is messy.  Plop gets thrown at us when we least expect it, sometimes from a source we don’t anticipate. Plop landed on my husband as we were leaving Busch Gardens one day. (If we hadn’t been leaving, it was official now!) It’s dumb little stuff that makes us stop and say, “Where did that come from?  Did I deserve this?  Poor me!”

No matter who we are or what we’re doing,  plop hits us all from time to time.  It’s how we deal with it that makes a difference.   With God’s help, we can keep our attitude sweet.  Sometimes the plop interrupts our busy schedules and routines —  maybe as a reminder that we aren’t in control as much as we might think.  It can be good for us.

Jesus said, “(The Father) causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”  Matthew 5:45 (NIV)  I guess some of that rain has an occasional bird to mess it up.

So have you cleaned up any plop lately?


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