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Handle With Care

An evangelist once said, “We tend to forget that the world is mostly made up of other people!”

Lately, I’ve been trying to take a good look at the people around me at any given time.  Whether I’m in the grocery store, a restaurant, or sitting in traffic,  I realize I’m surrounded by individuals just like me, who may be going through the darkest times of their lives, or the most joyful of experiences.  They may be frustrated, bored, or totally exhausted.  We never know what people may be facing.

I believe  Jesus was totally aware of the needs of everyone around him.  He reached out to them with love and healing.  The gospel writers tell us He had compassion on them.

The Bible commands us to “Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.” (Hebrews 12:14)  I’ve come to realize that this holiness is letting God live through me.  It is getting out of the way and letting God take control, so He can love His people, using me to do the work.  He has uniquely equipped me to help Him in this effort.  Others will only see Him on this earth when I totally surrender to His will and control.

Oh yes, I understand that these people we are called to love aren’t always the most lovely people on earth.  Some of them are emotional porcupines; consciously or unconsciously pushing away any attempts to reach out to them. I could tell you stories on that account, and I’m sure you can, too.  But I’ve heard it said that when people are the most unlovely, that is when they need God’s love the most.  And you and I are  the channels of that love.

When that happens — when I get out of the way and let God love through me — I find I am more aware and sensitive to the needs of others.  I can reach out to them without keeping score or expecting something in return.  He helps me find a way through their barriers and pain.  God enables me to become His instrument of peace and healing.

It’s a world full of hurting people out there… handle with care.

Copyright (c) 2010  Mary E. Egidio – Permission is granted to share this work, but only with attribution, and not for commercial purposes.