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My mother died before my daughter was ever born, but this weekend Mom was able to share some parenting advice with her granddaughter.  No, I haven’t taken a vacation from reality or been consulting a medium.  In addition to being a nurse, Mom did some writing, and had a couple articles published in baby magazines back in the mid-50’s.  I realized that Lizz might enjoy hearing what her grandmother had to say about raising a baby, so I pulled them out of the box in the garage.

Of course, we also had fun reading the other articles and advertisements for baby products.  One ad announced a major milestone in baby food:  twist-off lids!  Lizz was surprised to read a list of recommended baby supplies that included four dozen diapers.  “I know I went through a lot more than that in the first several days!”  uh — sweetie — that would be cloth diapers…  you know, the kind you wash?

The biggest laugh came from the article where a woman described her childbirth experience.  “What’s all the fuss about?”  she asked.  Her attending nurse told her to just lie completely still and not move a muscle during labor, and she did just fine.   Yeah, right!

Mom’s articles,  titled “Tiptoe Tyrant”  or “Pity Poor Papa,”  for example, reflected the parenting advice of the day. Being able to add R.N. behind her name gave her writing some authority.   I’m sure when she wrote them it never occurred to her that her own granddaughter would be reading her words a half century later.  It was fun  to share together.

My Mom wasn’t around when I was raising my children to give me advice and instructions.  Of course, I still hear her voice in my brain from time to time.  She loved God, her family, and helping out in her community.  She set a loving example.  It

My Mom with her first child, my sister.

would have been incredible if she could have really spent the afternoon with us, enjoying her granddaughter and great-grandson, but since that’s not possible, it’s a treasure to have her words preserved to read and share with future generations.

Our Heavenly Father left guidance behind for his children to read and follow.  I don’t need to guess His intentions or instructions, and they’re never outdated.  His words are meant to be used and studied daily, not just kept in a box in the garage to be pulled out on occasion.

The Bible tells us, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalm 119:105 (NIV)  Our world can be a dark place at times.  It’s nice to know I have an unchanging source of light and wisdom for the journey.

Thank you, Father.

Thank you, Mom.  I love you.

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